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Night after night, at least one AC was in the air to fulfill one or more air support requests ASRs. The use of ACs in places like Fallujah, urban settings where insurgents were among crowded populations of non-combatants, was criticized by human rights groups. ACs were also used for intelligence gathering with their sophisticated long-range video, infrared and radar sensors. Modifications began with crews cutting holes in the plane to make room for weapons, and adding kits and bomb bases for laser-guided munitions.

The attacks were part of an intensification of the U. United States Air Force [71] [72] [73]. This aircraft was a conversion of the first production C On 25 March , it took an anti-aircraft artillery hit in the belly just aft of the nose gear wheel well over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos. The pilot was able to crash land the aircraft safely.

In , the aircraft was upgraded from the original three-bladed propellers to the quieter four-bladed propellers and was eventually retired in late After 36 years and seven months of service, 24 years as a gunship, Ultimate End retired from active service on 1 October Lt Col Michael Byers, then 16 SOS commander, represented the active-duty gunship force and Clyde Gowdy of the Spectre Association represented all Spectre personnel past and present for the unveiling of a monument at the aircraft and the dedication as a whole.

Named Azrael for the angel of death in Islam who severs the soul from the body, this aircraft figured prominently in the closing hours of Operation Desert Storm. With an Air Force Reserve crew called to active duty, Azrael was sent to the Al Jahra highway Highway 80 between Kuwait City and Basra , Iraq, to intercept the convoys of tanks, trucks, buses, and cars fleeing the battle.

Azrael was also assigned to the th Special Operations Wing and retired to the museum in October ACA serial no. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core.

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Lockheed AC-130

Air Force, Retired Air Power in Three Wars. US Government Printing Office. Mrozek, Donald J. Air Power and the Ground War in Vietnam. Luckily, only one person on Banana 1 was injured; the crew chief suffered a broken ankle. Regaining his composure after the controlled crash, CPT Meadows scurried from the downed aircraft and said in a calm voice through his bullhorn, We re Americans.

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Keep your heads down. We re Americans. Get on the floor. We ll be in your cells in a minute. No one answered back, though. The raiders sprang into action immediately. Automatic weapons ripped into the guards. Other NVA soldiers, attempting to flee, were cut down as they tried to make their way through the east wall. Fourteen men entered the prison. Wasting no time, they blew the utility pole and set up a roadblock about yards from the landing zone.

A heated firefight ensued. Guards were scurrying like mice in an attempt to fire on the raiders. Apple 1, piloted by LtCol Warner A. Britton, was having troubles of its own.

CFC # Educating their Children Wounded SOF Warrior Support

The chopper had veered off course and was meters south of the prison and had erroneously landed at the secondary school. To everyone s horror, it was no secondary school it was a barracks filled with enemy soldiers, of whom were killed within five minutes.

AC-130H Spectre Gunship , Airstrike On Insurgents

As COL Simons helicopter left to go to a holding point, the raiders opened up with a barrage of automatic weapons. Realizing their error, the group of raiders radioed Apple 1 to return and pick them up from their dilemma. Lt Col Britton s chopper, Apple 1, quickly returned when he received the radio transmission that Simon s group was in the wrong area.

Less than half an hour after arriving over Son Tay, things were beginning to wind down.

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There was little resistance from the remaining guards. There were no POWs. The raid was over. Total time elapsed was 27 minutes.

What went wrong?