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Paramount, Director: Elliott Nugent. Screenplay: J. Medbury, based on an original story by Frank R. Camera: Leo Tover.

Film editor: William Shea. Nugent, Lee Kohlmar, Richard Carle.

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Paramount Pictures is one of my favorite major studios from the Hollywood studio era, partly because of the creative use Paramount made of its resources. Those resources included a large and varied roster of contract players. These were not dramatic epics; they were simply program pictures that assured the audience of an entertaining evening at the movies—and are still highly enjoyable today. Some of these ensemble pictures, like Million Dollar Legs and International House , have earned enduring places in film history, but others have been quietly forgotten and are ripe for rediscovery.

Among the talents that populated these films was the comedy team of perpetually exasperated George Burns and charmingly ditzy Gracie Allen. The dialogue-heavy comedy of Burns and Allen was well suited to vaudeville and radio, but with the advent of sound films they proved to be equally effective on the screen.

The following seven books contain stories that we should not let float away in the great drift of books-that-were. They are all great works, of varying worlds and different styles, and I know that they are all marked by the strong sentence, the clear eye, the sharp wit or humor and a passion for storytelling that is exceeded only by the persistent fascination with character and characters.

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The reputations of authors wax, wane, and disappear entirely. Each of these writers made a difference in how we write and how we read. Read only if you care about ordinary life. This is just life working away toward the end of life. What is the story of that life?

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Can we tell our own life story with any sort of truth at all? Seventy books in her lifetime, including twenty-one novels and some of the most wonderful books for young readers ever. I cannot help it. Brooks is a poet and novelist, and the first African-American to win the Pulitzer Prize. Colwin died way too young, at People who love her work still talk about her passing now decades ago as if they have only just heard about it and cannot quite take it in. Her linked short stories were witty, compassionate, omniscient masterpieces, every one of them.

Her novels, maybe not so much.

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And her essays on cooking taught me to be a better cook and a better writer. If you love the chapter on roast chicken in Home Cooking , you will love all of her essays and short stories.

Her people were greedy, selfish, impatient, dishonest, self-deceiving, needy and usually, liars, to boot. They were wonderful to discover and have stayed with me for thirty years: transplanted Southerners, black and white; the self-loathing men and their anguished wives; the chipper, suicidal women passing through the South, on their way to san Francisco, or passing through a dump, on a way to a palace.

Alice Adams hid in our closets and spied on us and she reported back with clever, witty writing concealing the dagger.