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Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Not for students or professionals in any area. The author has a clear and fun way of presenting the topics and most topics are covered, albeit oversimplified and occasionally flawed. Differential diagnostics is blatantly missing, as is treatment and management. The ischemia chapter is quite poor. To conclude, this book will suffice if you want to pass an exam in school but it will not meet the demands of clinical duty unless you combine it with other resources.

Most topics are covered and explanations are fair. Not sufficient for clinical work as it leaves out key clinical aspects.

The Six Bells

The late professor Galen Wagner has written, according to my personal opinion, one of the best books on ECG interpretation, namely this one. Professor Wagner was an authority in electrocardiology and produced hundreds of research papers in the field. This book is concise yet comprehensive and affordable. This is probably the one I would recommend the most. It is suitable for students and professionals of all categories. Excellent choice.

One of the best books on ECG interpretation. All chapters are superb. This is absolutely suitable for students and professionals. Probably one of the best books available. It can definetely be recommended to professionals who are interested in ECG interpretation, particularly if details are appreciated.

On the contrary to the majority of the books on this list, this one includes pediatric ECG interpretation.

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Great choice for professionals with a preference for details. Includes pediatric ECG interpretation. The target audience of this superb book is emergency physicians with basic knowledge of ECG interpretation. It includes clinical cases which are explained clearly. This book is highly recommended for emergency physicians.

Best choice for emergency physicians.

Straight forward, clinically oriented, clearly explained, detailes included. Less suitable outside target audience.

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Lacks treatment details. This is a great book for students. Content is succinct and constructed in a stepwise fashion. Quality of ECGs is good and the layout is pedagogical. There are plenty of practice examples which are discussed in detail. Hence, this is an intermediate book which is well suited for students. Most but not all topics are covered and they are simplified.

There is perhaps a tendency for oversimplification. Great choice for students.

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Amen's writing style is most accessible to the "lay-reader". The book is a blessing. Anyone who has ever doubted his or her "sanity" should read this work, and find a doctor willing to listen to its message! Daniel Amen epitomizes modern-day biopsychiatry. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals, parents and teachers have been lead to believe anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, impulsiveness, excessive anger and worry, are confirmatory, neurobiological disorders caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain and can be detected by brain scans.

This is pseudoscience at its best. Amen should not be commended for anything he's accomplished thus far in his medical career.

Careers with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology

The above controversy arises from some of the claims made by Amen in his various media presentations. Much of what he has to say is good common sense advice, but his claims about the use of brain pictures to diagnose conditions are not universally accepted by other doctors. While many patients report improvement still there are sceptical scientists and physicians who question the causal claims.

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There is, for example, an interesting exchange at salon between Dr. Amen and Dr. Burton, which readers interested in the claims, the evidence, and the ongoing debate about SPECT, should read. Quackwatch has a thorough discussion of the claims in an exchange between Dr. Harriet Hall and Dr. Daniel Amen.

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  • Unexpected blows can come from many directions. One least expected blow can start a chain of events. Imagine getting into an argument at work with your boss, and your actions, and or reactions result in the loss of your job. Upset, you leave the building, and drive home recklessly, as if in a road rage. Unfocused, you speed through an intersection, drive straight through a red light, and cause a fatal auto accident. The aftermath is devastating. The long-term effects are the deaths of a teenage boy and his girlfriend. Spinal cord damage leaves you paralyzed from the waist down.

    One unfortunate, and unexpected chain of events has knocked you, your loved ones, and other families off balance. In an instant, everyone who is connected experiences a changed course of life.

    1. Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out.
    2. The Science of Bombing: Operational Research in RAF Bomber Command;
    3. The Little Black Book for Lent 2013.
    4. Sloo-Foot.
    5. Casting Stones: Prostitution And Liberation In Asia And The United States?
    6. The Environmental Psychology of Prisons and Jails: Creating Humane Spaces in Secure Settings (Environment and Behavior).

    This book will remind us all that life is full of unexpected chains of events that challenge us physically and mentally. We will be reminded of the realization that everyone gets hit with blows, and the effects are as devastating to others as it is to you. Our actions, and walk of faith amidst all, determines our recovery.

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    Some people are much stronger and able to endure more than others. Many of us need help and guidance. It doesn't hurt to have Jesus Christ or a higher power to help us along the way. The ultimate question is, how do you overcome the life-long effects of devastation? The answer is, prayer and faith. If prayer, and a walk of faith haven't been a part of your lifestyle, then maybe now, is the time. Taking a different path from the wealth of spiritual enlightenment books out today, Only Human looks at the human psyche from an engineering standpoint.